Monday, September 20, 2004

Blog, blog, blog...

Although there are innumerable reasons to despise repugnicans, I can always manage to find just one more. I work with a repugnican named M. who jokes about my tree-hugging tendencies while I joke about his wastefulness, but you know neither of us is actually kidding. I figure that people who give a shite about more than themselves tend to try to preserve resources and people who couldn't give a flip are often loudly, obnoxiously, disgustingly wasteful. I think about starving children in Sudan or the person(s) who broke into my boyfriend's brother's house and stole not just electronics, but clothes (obviously needy). He thinks about...?

Anyway, M. makes the production assistant re-copy something that has to go out to over 100 people THREE SEPARATE TIMES. The first time, she'd made 150 copies of Sheet A and 150 copies of Sheet B but because they should have been attached to each other, he said to redo it because, apparently, it would take waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to just line up two pieces of paper and staple them together. She thought it was cruel and unusual punishment, both to her and the earth, but she did as she was told so she could take her $1 pay and call it a day. BUT THEN, the wasteful, selfish bastard made her redo it AGAIN because there was a single typo on Sheet A. Normally, I'm so anal, so meticulous that I'd prefer to just do it right, but there were extenuating circumstances on this one: Sheet A is 1) something that goes out to over 100 people every single day, and 2) chock full of (roughly 12,000) characters. Do you think that maybe we could make the one correction tomorrow, given that the typo doesn't actually relate to anything of significance today?

This may seem a piddling post, but please, people, please! It's a state of mind, a world view, that's just plain problematic. Just because there seems to be an endless supply of paper doesn't mean that we should keep killing trees and wasting electricity and feeling entitled and being piggier than the rest of the world. Where the hell do these buggers get off? If nothing else, maybe we should try to convince the repugnicans that the less there is, the less they can exploit.