Wednesday, September 29, 2004

AwOL's Erica Jong* Moment, circa May 1972

*That's a Fear of Flying reference, y'all, cos lookie here! AwOL was sent "to fly desk in Alabama" cos he couldn't cut it in a fighter plane, according to the wife of the man who took his place at TANG. And lookie, lookie, the latest White House document dump could support such a story. How does Danny Bartlett 'splain away the strange demotion from F-102 to flight simulator shenanigans just before aWol went to "fly desk" elsewhere, where, um, he didn't even do that, the weaselly little privileged frat boy prick.

"Fly desk." I LOVE THAT. I wish Kerry would use that line tomorrow night, but we all know that the media whores get all snippy if anyone dares not kiss the ring of Dear Leader, so we'll have none of that. I hope that the Kerry debate team has employed a whole bevy of psychologists to devise just the language -- verbal and non- -- to make dumbyass angry. That pot is poised to boil over, and he generally does when his gestapo cannot enforce Thought Crimes via loyalty oaths and free speech zones. I'll raise my margarita glass tomorrow night in toast if they can get that cold, slit-eyed, resentful/vengeful look to cross dumbya's smirking visage. Shouldn't be that hard. Could probably get it started with this question: (Insert polite honorific here) (I prefer "f*cker"), "Why were you demoted to training planes and flight simulators after you had already logged enough hours to graduate to pilot status?" If we could get a "medal for bravery and distinction in flying desk in a postal unit in Alabama" reference in there, I'd be much pleased, but that's just asking for the moon.

Hey, Georgie, you owe us $1 million dollars for that special training that you punk'd out on!

My favorite asterisk moment of the article though is waaaay at the bottom in itty bitty type. It reads: *editor's note: (Citizens for Legitimate Government) does not recogize George W. Bush as president, as he was not elected in 2000.

My sentiments exactly. Buh-bye, squatter.