Monday, June 07, 2004


Pardon me if I'm not sufficiently teary-eyed. My political coming-of-age was during that vapid actor's reign. I blame him for everything, and especially for paving the way for this empty-headed buffoon with whom we are currently burdened, Buddha help us. I mean, NO ONE said anything about the g.d. Grating Communigipper's War on Poverty, War on Drugs, War on Latin America, War on Women, War on Black Folks (Apartheid here and abroad), Ignoring AIDS, Star effin' Wars, Nuclear Proliferation, Ketchup as a Vegetable, Iran-Contra, Hallucinations (remember how he'd personally liberated concentration camps??), and this is just off the top of my head! God forbid they'd get an actual historian and political scientist up there to discuss any of it. And his "optimism"???? Do not make me vomit. God. An ignorant, bigoted, opportunistic, hypocritical and manipulative faithmonger pitting the underprivileged classes against one another in a mad rush to make rich white folks richer? For fug's sake, Amerika deserves everything it gets if it insists on engaging in this sort of amnesia-fuelled hallucinatory hagiography. [Disclaimer: I do not believe, of course, that the narrative imposed on us by the right wing (let's face it) media speaks for "America," or for "Amerika," for that matter.]