Sunday, March 14, 2004

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition + From Russia With Love

The Spanish people have rejected George W. Bush.

90% of Spaniards opposed the Iraq War, and now they've rejected Aznar's center-right party's alliance with the Bush regime. ETA or Al Qaeda? Doesn't everyone want to know. The CW has it that the Spanish gubmint tried like heck to prove an ETA link worried that an Al Qaeda attack would be largely regarded as retribution for Spain's support of the Iraq War. Well.


The Russian people have rejected George W. Bush.

Putin's got democracy problems all his own with this "election" approaching the level of FLA 2000 chicanery, but he's not taking any guff from W.: "No one has a right to think that if they criticize others, they cannot be criticized themselves," he said, adding, "Nearly four years ago we watched in bewilderment how the United States electoral system suffered glitches."

Russians loved Putin standing up to W. in the rush to war. And for all the authoritarianism and centralizing going on, they still prefer a strong Putin and a strong Russia to taking orders from the Busheviks.