Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Ducks and Dicks

My favorite quote from the latest UNBELIEVABLE story:

"Scalia and his daughter were Cheney's guests on Air Force Two on a Jan. 5 flight to Louisiana. Cheney and Scalia were guests of the president of an energy services company on a duck-hunting vacation."

Should we roll our eyes for the outrageous overreaching going on? Nah. We should be thankful. At least in a banana republic, this chicanery may never see the light of day. In ours, at least we get a bellylaugh out of the unmitigated gall these hubristic jokers have to throw this in our faces as if we are powerless, as if we are not paying attention, as if we will do nothing in response. Well, I'm so peeved I'm writing this. That'll show 'em.

Where to begin? The Supreme Court just prior to this petite vacance agreed to hear a case in which Cheney is the defendant. Of course Scalia recused himself, you think. Of course he did not. Of course Chief Justice Rehnquist strongly recommended Scalia do so, you think. Of course he did not. He did, in fact, just the opposite and stated that Scalia should have power of judgment in determining his own impartiality. How did that conversation go, I wonder. Scalia, do you feel a conflict of interest? No, Scalia, I do not. Do you feel a conflict of interest? No, Scalia, I do not.

Nobody here but us chickens.