Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Statisticalizing Budgets is Hard


Guess what, friends? This just in from the "Ya Think??" universe:

The Buffoon-in-Chief is not a statistician.

In noting aWol's clear-eyed passing of the buck on yet another issue about which he has no idea, McClellan said, "We are interested in reality." Hooooohaawwww haaaawwww.

Here's a little reality for Scottie: dumbyass also is not a soldier (aWol), a Commander-in-Chief (Iraq), a historian (Iraq, and everything else), a philosopher (Real Men Love Jesus), an environmentalist (Clear Skies), a forestry specialist (Healthy Forests), a physicist (Mars Mission), a good CEO (Harken), a teacher (No Child Left Behind), a compassionate conservative ($15 billion to AIDS in Africa still undelivered; all Christian Coalition initiatives), an economist (tax cuts to the rich), an ethicist (2000 selection, Valerie Plame, Energy Task Force, Enron, 9/11, Iraq, tax cuts to the rich, etc., etc.), and so on.

And it just begs the question: He's not the president either (but he plays one on TV).

But to be fair and balanced, I will note what he is good at: drinking, riding on his diddy's coattails, smirking, taking vacations, working out, getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, garbling the English language (and Spanglish, too, probably), and not reading.