Sunday, February 08, 2004

Smelling salts, please!

Eeeeeeeekk!!!!! Every day the "news" ups the insane quotient by a factor of 800. And though I should be in bed, I just happened to come across Colin Powell saying that all this "politicizing" of the pre-war intelligence on Iraq is "getting on his nerves"!

Oh, really, you #$!@&!*)! Well, you know what's gotten on *my* nerves for the last 3 years? An unelected, functionally retarded, cokehead frat boy appointee of the Christian Crusade. Yeah, that's been a real drag. And then there's the mortgaging of our futures to the obscenely wealthy. And let's not forget that our grandmas are going to have to learn to like the taste of cat food and our babies are going to have to get used to poisoned water, a (more pronounced) educational caste system, and a societal freefall reminiscent of Lord of the Flies. And health care? Hahahhhahahahaahhahhaha! Let me get my dictionary; it doesn't ring a bell. And one more minor little piddly inconsequence: You don't mind, do you, if we NOT GO TO ***WAR*** ON FALSE PRETENSES?!? What a c*cksucking donkeyf*cker. I am just speechless. If this does not end that asshole's career, I just cannot imagine what could.