Saturday, February 14, 2004

Puttin' the W. in aWol, Part Deux

While I am thoroughly enjoying the schadenfreude, reveling in it even, it's now making me nervous. And while asking aWol to explain his coke habit--I mean, gaps in his record--is not "playing dirty" in the tradition of RoveCo., it is practically mud-drenched by Dem standards. (Clearly, we need to lower our standards for the '04 fight.)

Might I offer the Dems some advice: In order to make these and other criticisms of BushCo. truly stick, we need very soon to move from a strategy that focusses on a topic in and of itself (say, B*sh having gone aWol) to one that frames these problems around a pattern of duplicity, abuse of power, nepotism, and just plain lazy entitlement. Of course, going aWol is a real issue, but we have to make sure that we place this gross abdication of duty in the context of W. being out of touch with average Americans, of being/catering to corporate elitists, and of that lazy entitlement thing again. Try explaining to a poor 19-yr-old West Virginian who's been in Iraq being shot at for a year in stifling heat and away from his/her baby that his/her president spent his time serving his country by doing blow then blowing off working on a Senate campaign then blowing it off altogether. Plus, hey, the US gubmint spent $1 million training this guy and a couple of years in he decides he doesn't want to play anymore? We'll see how he answers. But I hope we ask the right questions: why does this person think that with a phone call from his diddy he can be given a prime place and then with another phone call shirk his duty?