Sunday, February 15, 2004


And I think they've said: Um, we'll make do with the safe guy; the one w/ the medals.


Just damn fine w/ me. I'm not one to look a gift war hero in the mouth. I'm not thrilled, but there is no alternative, and I'll thank the disgruntled Nader, Clark, and Dean supporters to keep their eyes on the prize. We've had almost 4 ruinous years under B*shCo., and the world cannot take another minute. I'd much rather not be thrilled to vote for a liberal(-ish) Dem than face another faith-based corporatist buffoon.

This afternoon CNN called Wisconsin for Kerry. For those of you paying attention, that's three (campaign) days before the actual primary. You might think it odd that CNN has intuited the intention of the voters, rendering them redundant. I would suggest that this has been their job this campaign season. CNN wonders, Why have voters vote? Democracy just takes too plain long, they complain. Frankly, I'm afraid of what B*shCo.'s going to pull out of their hats in the coming months. Can we skip the election altogether and just have CNN declare Kerry the winner now?

I blame the media. There, I said it. The media, with significant help from "Americans for Jobs" or whatever that 527 was called, chopped Howard Dean's campaign off at the knees. After changing the story from "Dean Bolts to the Head of the Pack Because of Strong Anti-War Message" to "Gosh, Dean's Kind of Angry" to "Whoa, Dean's Freaking Me Out He's Such a Screaming Maniac" and "Is Dean Presidential Anyway?", the media effectively crippled the Dean campaign by forcing early primary/caucus voters to feel responsible for choosing the next president of the United States. Hang on. This is just a primary. We're supposed to choose the person who animates our concerns and best represents the values of our party. Why this need to telegraph a winner--nay, a nominee --to the rest of the country? Why so many people nervously mothering democracy along in these early stages, you ask? The Media, I answer. We're on a schedule, folks. Let's get 'em in to get the vote out. This is a horse race with many, many callers. And silly rabbits, we all chased the carrot.

What should have been a referendum on change, and a move toward a new democratic party, a revived democratic message, was turned into a rush job ABB campaign. As I stated earlier, ABB works for me. B*sh is bad enough to warrant that attitude above all, but I'm wishing for the moon here, go with me. We *should* hash out all the reasons why Dean/Edwards/Kerry is the better candidate. That is the purpose of the primary season, and we're not in a hurry, and no one's "behind," except as urged by the press's incessant horse racing. We should of necessity think of this as a long process of careful consideration and not the hasty rush toward mediocrity the Powers That Be would wish it to be. Democracy is more than safe choices for safe candidates, but then maybe it is only more than that if 1) we do not have someone as terrible as B*sh occupying the White House, and 2) we have the courage to vote our convictions.