Saturday, February 07, 2004

Note to Kerry: Get Your Talking Points Here: POTUS Fears the American People

Not that Kerry turns me on in the least bit and was not my first choice (though now my 2nd and original default presumption), I'm reading the writing on the wall, seeing which way the wind blows, &c., &c., ... and if Kerry wants to continue to be successful, he should continue to co-opt Howard Dean's original message, which was: We see through you, w., and we're not impressed and we're not scared, and no amount of double talk is going to distract us from our purpose, which is to rout your radical right-wing hooliganism out! That's the wordier version, to be sure, but the tack Kerry needs to take nonetheless. Kerry has realized that he needs to have an offense. Good on 'im, I say, and godspeed.

As it is tragically clear that the media lemmings will follow *any* story off a cliff (see: the Scream and Janet's boob for the most glaring recent examples), I say we use this tool of our oppressor to our advantage. It's been clear for a long time that the Dems--and I mean ALL of them (for one damn time in their pathetic history)--need to get on point that W. IS AFRAID OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Where is he? Hiding behind the "free speech zone" (and I will not scream at the top of my lungs about the OBVIOUS Orwellian echoes of this particular wording). Why won't he step out in public, except to fundraise at invite-only photo-ops and $2,000-a-plate dinners? We have to say it over and over again--mainly because it's true, but also because eventually either w. will have to counter it by 1) stepping out in public, which can only be good for us, because he WILL reveal himself to be the idiot he is, or 2) suffering (what will become) the consequences of continued suspicious isolation. He can't remain isolated in the face of accusation, and if he steps out, he has to suffer the consequence of messy ol' democracy, e.g. protests, hecklers, or--perish the thought!--unscripted questions and follow-ups.

Frat boy's outta here in 2004.